Hall-effect Thruster

Hall-effect thrusters using either water vapour, or gaseous oxygen. Alternative propellants offer an order of magnitude cost reductions when compared to xenon or krypton. Lighter propellants also offer significant increases in specific impulse at lower power, enabling this technology to carry out longer and more diverse mission profiles.

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Propulsion system combining water electrolysis and hydrogen-oxygen catalytic combustion within a MEMS manufactured thruster. This leads to mass, volume and cost reductions compared to the current state-of-the-art. Hydrogen/oxygen combustion also offers high performance exceeding that of hydrazine systems.

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Microwave electrothermal

Microwave Electrothermal thrusters (METs) create a free-floating plasma discharge in a cylindrical cavity resonator, efficiently heating a wide range of propellants while providing high thrust to power ratio. Our water-fuelled MET also features high specific impulse, from a simple, robust thruster at low cost.

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Hybrid Propulsion System

Hydra is an electrolysed water chemical-electrical propulsion system. It enables dynamically flexible mission plans with the ability to use both a high thrust chemical bipropellant engine, and a high specific impulse hall-effect thruster. These thrusters are linked by a common feed system, tank, and electrolyser enabling large mass and volume savings when compared to two distinct systems.

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URA means water in the Basque language, the oldest living language in Europe and, perhaps, the seed of all articulate language. At URA we will transform not communication, but in-space transport by providing green, low-cost and high-performance propulsion systems. Water is an enduring propellant choice: it is essential to our species, and will follow humans wherever we may explore.

At URA Thrusters, we provide sustainable propulsion solutions for all type of spacecraft and mission needs, disrupting the status-quo of current propulsion systems by using the ultimate green propellant: URA [water].

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