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About us

We are URA Thrusters, the one-stop shop for sustainable propulsion solutions across a broad spectrum of spacecraft sizes and platforms: from CubeSats to SmallSats to large GEO platforms.


Our goal is to commercialise the use of water for space transportation and propulsion.


Large GEO telecom platforms are considering alternative “green” propulsion systems due to the prospect of Hydrazine regulation, cost reduction and operational benefits from eliminating this toxic fuel. Meanwhile, the small satellite propulsion market is expected to be dominated by “green” propellants due to launch restrictions, costs and mass-volume constraints.

We provide industry leading water-based propulsion systems across a broad range of spacecraft types. We are your one-stop shop for sustainable propulsion solutions.


URA Thrusters was officially born in 2019 as a spin-off from the AVS group in order to commercialise the use of water for in-space propulsion. URA combines the best skills from the high-precision and technological developments of AVS and its world-class research collaborators including Imperial College London, Surrey Space Centre and the University of Southampton.

AVS is one of the world´s leading companies in the design, development and production of mechanical, opto-mechanical, thermal and propulsion systems for Space and Scientific applications across the globe. AVS brings to the team their expertise in quality and product assurance, engineering, production, integration and industrialisation of complex equipment. Thanks to this unique expertise, together we produce state-of-the-art thrusters and propulsion systems in a cost-effective manner, providing solutions from the best of both worlds: old-space and new-space.

AVS Group

URA, your one-stop shop for sustainable propulsion solutions.


The foundation of our innovative approach, customer focused solutions and high-quality products is built upon the strength of our team.

We are a multidisciplinary, diverse and highly qualified team that is revolutionising the in-space propulsion market by commercialising a broad range of water propulsion systems.

We have embedded our commitment to diversity and gender balance into how we work at URA. We seek to be a company whose workforce reflects the customers we serve and the broader societies within which we operate.

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